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The fashion trend of plastic wood flooring

The Fashion Trend of Plastic Wood Flooring

Wood plastic composite deck flooring is a new material that has become popular in the last decade or so, and is very common in Europe and the United States, but most of wpc decking boards in these countries are purchased from our country. This wood plastic panels are mainly used for outdoor flooring, wall panels, fences, guardrails, flower beds, flower shelves and so on, the warranty is generally more than 10 years, and even many can do more than 20 years. Next, let's talk in detail.

1、What is WPC decking floor?

Wood plastic composite decking tiles, from the name, is wood + plastic. It is generally composed of 60% of wood powder + 30% of plastic particles + 10% of additives. So with the dual advantages of wood and plastic, the warm touch of wood, elasticity, non-slip characteristics, plastic durability, corrosion, waterproof, etc. characteristics. Additives are mainly calcium powder, lubricants, stabilizers, antioxidants. Foreigners will be more demanding on this piece, so the general label will be very clear.

2、What about the environmental protection of wood-plastic deck flooring?

The WPC deck flooring is directly granulated (plastic particles, wood powder, additives mixed), and then the mold directly extruded molding, no glue, no need to paint, no dyeing, no harmful substances, very safe and healthy. And WPC deck tiles can be recycled again after use, very green and environmental protection.

3、Wood plastic composite decking floor performance is good?

High environmental friendliness, pollution-free, and recyclable. The decking WPC is mainly used in the outdoor, with very good waterproof, anti-corrosion, can also anti-insect and anti-termite, not easy to crack, deformation and fade, non-slip. So foreign countries are generally used in the gardens, courtyards, patios, gazebos, pedestrian walkways, scenic terraces, beach resorts, perimeter areas in private pools.

4、Sturdy and durable, long service life, easy to clean and take care of

The service life of WPC decking tiles  is more than 5 times that of ordinary carbonized wood flooring. No tedious maintenance process, easy to clean, low maintenance costs, that is an important element of outdoor plastic wood composite flooring is very popular. Not easy to break, dirty with soapy water, washing powder rinse wash off.

5、The use of wood plastic composite decking floor in China

The domestic use of WPC decking floor has only become popular in recent years. Commercial space outside with a little more, I know, like Beijing Bird's Nest outside the square ground, Chengdu has a panda base walkway, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station outside, Vanke Square outside, etc.. Shanghai's city water system river fence is also used in this kind of wood plastic fence. The WPC deck tiles are very sturdy and very durable.


It is worth reminding: this wood plastic composite deck flooring is not recommended for indoor use, because it is thicker, and heavy, paving gaps are little large easy to hide dirt. Outdoor will not have this concern, can be used with confidence and boldness.