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Plastic wood flooring, much stronger than you think

Plastic Wood Flooring, Much Stronger Than You Think

Wood plastic composite decking floor has become popular among outdoor renovators in recent years because of its exciting price and reliable quality. However, every day, many people come to inquire, is the quality of wood plastic composite decking floor really higher than that of ordinary wood flooring? How resistant and durable is wood plastic composite decking? Is it sturdy enough? Is the service life really 5 times that of ordinary wood flooring?


In response to the above questions, our company did several experiments, respectively, using the weight of the human body, the weight of the car to test the load-bearing capacity of plastic wood flooring. Even, finally, we had the whim to test the fire resistance of the product by using high temperature experiment. We use a torch to burn the plastic wood flooring continuously to test the fire resistance of the product.


Our usual construction, the standard spacing of the keel should be 30-35 cm, in order to highlight the effect, we enlarged the spacing to 1 m, put 1.5 m long plastic wood composite panels, people then stand up to bounce twice.

It can be seen that the plastic wood composite decking panels in such a large spacing and standing people have appeared obvious bending, but there is no rupture in the case of people stepping and bouncing after the deformation and fracture did not occur.


In the subsequent car crushing session, round hollow plastic wood composite decking floor and solid plastic wood composite decking floor are unharmed through the pressure test experiment. It is proved that our wood plastic composite decking has a very high load bearing capacity.

Plastic wood composite decking floor is advertised as fire B1 Grade, so I used a blowtorch with an external flame capable of reaching 1300 degrees Celsius, and carried out a 20-second continuous burn on the surface of the plastic wood flooring. After leaving the fire, we can see that the contact with the fire source is already burned carbonized, but did not continue to burn or spread, so it is in full compliance with the national B1 Grade Fire Protection Standard.


Through the high standard of experiments can be seen, we do not have to worry about the plastic wood flooring pressure resistance, normal life use is no problem at all, even its fire resistance is also very good, to a certain extent to prevent the spread of flame, very safe, reliable.