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New Design: WPC Movable Flower Pot Base

Still wondering how to move a big, heavy flowerpot? Still worried that the plastic base will become brittle and break when the sun shines? Still anxious that the wooden pot bottom is easy to mold and rot after watering? I will recommend you a new product that can perfectly solve all the above problems.

For people who love flowers, it is inevitable that they need to move the placement of POTS frequently. However, some POTS are made of ceramic, and their own weight has been difficult to move, coupled with the weight of a large amount of soil, making moving POTS become a big problem. A removable pot base can solve this problem perfectly.

The product consists of composite materials and wheels. According to the characteristics of our composite materials, it is very suitable for outdoor use. The plastic base will become brittle or even break after prolonged sun exposure, The wooden base is prone to blackening, mildew and even rot after watering. Compared with these traditional base, this product greatly extends the service life, also more beautiful,  and the most important--it can be used for more than 20 years.

Of the four wheels on the bottom, three of the wheels are ordinary universal wheels, and one wheel has a snaplock. When the snaplock is locked, the base is fixed and cannot be moved, which perfectly solves the inconvenience that some customers worry about.

You may ask, can the load bearing capacity of the wheel be guaranteed? Certainly, the original intention of the movable flowerpot base is designed to solve the problem that the flowerpot is difficult to move, so the load-bearing capacity must be tested layer by layer. The warranty is also given to every user. You may also ask, is there any other use except as a pot base? Of course, we are looking forward to more uses for this product from you.